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(…) love and kindness overcomes fear, even in animals…
Engrave this lesson in your hearts.

– Pearl S. Buck – Imperial Woman


(…) o amor e a bondade vencem o medo, mesmo nos animais…
Gravem esta lição em seus corações.

– Pearl S. Buck – A mulher imperial


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– Pearl S. Buck – Imperial Woman

China National Flower Park in Luoyang Old Town District of Luoyang in Henan Province


– Pearl S. Buck – A mulher imperial

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The empress mother watched alone the end of the day at your favorite garden. It was a mild evening of autumn, and the gray pale sky sun had just a pink stain.  She was melancholy, but not sorry. His mind had become accustomed to solitude. It was the price of greatness, and she paid, day after day, night after night.

– Pearl S. Buck – Imperial Woman


A imperatriz mãe assistiu sozinha ao fim daquele dia no seu jardim favorito. Era um suave anoitecer de outono, e no céu cinza-pálido o sol poente era apenas uma mancha rósea. Ela estava melancólica, mas não pesarosa. O seu espírito acostumara-se à solidão. Era o preço da grandeza, e ela o pagava, dia após dia, noite após noite.

– Pearl. S. Buck – A mulher imperial

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You’re an amateur. (…) However, if you were free to be an artist… without many charges and obligations of the State, then, Venerable, you would certainly be among the greatest artists. Your brush has power and precision, and this is genius, it only needs to use for expanding. Unfortunatelly, there is not enough time in […]

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Peach, in one side golden and red on the other, it’s a symbol of long life. – Pearl S. Buck – Imperial Woman (1956)   Pêssego, dourado de um lado e vermelho do outro, é  um sinal de vida longa. – Pearl S. Buck – A mulher imperial (1956)

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His eyes rested anxiously on the beautiful face of the woman. She could not read him the answer, because knew that the woman’s mind is not a separated instrument from the rest of its being. The woman doesn’t separate, as a man, sometimes in flesh, spirit and heart. It is three in one, a complete and unified trinity.
– Pearl S. Buck – Imperial Woman (1956)
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“She’d never seen people like those, that julged their religion as the only genuine. During hundred of years the followers of Confucius, Buddha and Lao Tzu had lived there together in peace and courtesy, each one honoring the gods and beliefs of their neighbors. Very different are these Christians, who throws in trash all the […]