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No one is good or bad only for itself. The man is only achieved with others. Therefore, honesty implies sociality.
– Seneca – On the happy life


Ninguém é bom ou mau só para si. O homem só se realiza com os outros. Portanto, a honestidade implica socialidade.
– Seneca – A vida feliz


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Why is there more courage in your speeches than in your life?

– Seneca – On the happy life (De vita beata)

Por que há mais coragem em seus discursos que em tua vida?

– Seneca – A vida feliz

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“If I have something of my own, I’ll keep it, without avarice, and will not spend lavishly. I belive that I own everything I donated consciously. I don’t evaluate the number and weight, but the esteem I have for those who receive them. Will never be enough what I can give to those who deserve […]