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Who wants something truly, can. Who really wants something, does…

– Lin Yutang – The red peony


Quem quiser algo verdadeiramente, pode. Quem quiser de fato, a faz…

– Lin Yutang – A peônia rubra


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– Joshui, my name, means “like water”. It derives from the big Lao Tzu sentence: “The best of man is like water. It dwells in lowly places that all disdain”. – Lin Yutang – Red Peony Joshui significa “como a água”. Deriva da grande sentença de Laotsé: “O melhor dos homens é como a água… habita […]

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Really, i have nothing to offer you, only pure air… at ease. – Lin Yutange – Red Peony Realmente, nada tenho a oferecer-lhes, se não ar puro… à vontade. – Lin Yutang – A peônia rubra

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He guessed that all was natural and sincere in that woman: the eyes, the voice, the hair, the enthusiasm and the languid smile. It surprised him that the voice and the presence of a woman were enough to bring him critical faculties in such confusion. – Lin Yutang – Red Peony Ele imaginou que tudo era […]

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“I just want to know well the things which about I write. Books, especially those of geography of the past, covering hills and rivers, are one a copy of the other. I wanted to see with my eyes,  deepen me well in the subject. Always I made sure to do what I feel should be […]