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Who said that “love is blind” was wrong; vanity is more likely to be blind.

– Mathias Aires – Reflexions on men’s vanity


Quem disse que o amor é cego, errou; mais certo é ser cega a vaidade.

– Mathias Aires – Reflexões sobre a vaidade dos homens


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I believe that issues related to the body must be demonstrated before, in a theological way, because nothing exists far from God. My job, the Anatomy, is to decipher the work of the Almighty and, thus, worship him.

– Federico Andahazi – The Anatomist

Acredito que as questões relativas ao corpo devem ser demonstradas, antes, de maneira teológica, pois nada existe fora de Deus. Meu trabalho, o da Anatomy, consiste em decifrar a Obra do Todo-Poderoso e, desse modo, adorá-lo.

– Federico Andahazi – O Anatomista