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– Joshui, my name, means “like water”. It derives from the big Lao Tzu sentence: “The best of man is like water. It dwells in lowly places that all disdain”. – Lin Yutang – Red Peony Joshui significa “como a água”. Deriva da grande sentença de Laotsé: “O melhor dos homens é como a água… habita […]

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Really, i have nothing to offer you, only pure air… at ease. – Lin Yutange – Red Peony Realmente, nada tenho a oferecer-lhes, se não ar puro… à vontade. – Lin Yutang – A peônia rubra

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He guessed that all was natural and sincere in that woman: the eyes, the voice, the hair, the enthusiasm and the languid smile. It surprised him that the voice and the presence of a woman were enough to bring him critical faculties in such confusion. – Lin Yutang – Red Peony Ele imaginou que tudo era […]

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You’re an amateur. (…) However, if you were free to be an artist… without many charges and obligations of the State, then, Venerable, you would certainly be among the greatest artists. Your brush has power and precision, and this is genius, it only needs to use for expanding. Unfortunatelly, there is not enough time in […]

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Peach, in one side golden and red on the other, it’s a symbol of long life. – Pearl S. Buck – Imperial Woman (1956)   Pêssego, dourado de um lado e vermelho do outro, é  um sinal de vida longa. – Pearl S. Buck – A mulher imperial (1956)