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The danger of meditating is so inadvertently start thinking, and thinking is no longer meditating, thinking guide to a goal. The least dangerous is, in meditation, “see”, which dispends words of though. pg. 112
– Clarice Lispector – The passion according to G.H. (1964)
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There was a hideous custom with origin at Scythia, that was stablished in India by the influence of the Brahmins and threatened to invade the whole East. When a married man died, and his beloved wife wanted to be saint, she must be burned in public over the body of her husband. It was a solemn party which was called “Bonfire of Widowhood”. The tribe in which there were more women burned was considered the best of all.
Zadig (…) immediately wanted to meet the chief of the tribe (…) and advised them to create a law which “is allowed to a widow go to the fire only after having a talk for an hour, face to face, with a young man”. Thereafter, widows no more immolated its life in a bonfire at Arabia.
– Voltaire – Zadig, or The Book of Fate (1747)
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“Do not despair, my son; once was a grain of sand that lamented for being an ignored atom in the desert; in the end of a few years became a diamond and today is the most beautiful ornament in the crown of India’s King.”

Those words left me impressed, I was the grain of sand, and I decided to become a diamond. p. 74

– Voltaire – Zadig, or The Book of Fate (1747)

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His eyes rested anxiously on the beautiful face of the woman. She could not read him the answer, because knew that the woman’s mind is not a separated instrument from the rest of its being. The woman doesn’t separate, as a man, sometimes in flesh, spirit and heart. It is three in one, a complete and unified trinity.
– Pearl S. Buck – Imperial Woman (1956)
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